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Waajeed mp3 [2]
Wackside mp3 [2]
Waco Brothers mp3 [2]
Waco Jesus mp3 [2]
Wadada Leo Smith mp3 [2]
Wadali Brothers mp3 [2]
Wade Bowen mp3 [2]
Wade Bowen and West 84 mp3 [2]
Wader, Hannes mp3 [2]
Wage of Sin mp3 [2]
Wagner, Richard mp3 [133]
Wagon Christ mp3 [9]
Wagon Cookin' mp3 [4]
Wah! mp3 [5]
Wahe Guru Kaur Khalsa mp3 [2]
Wahnfried mp3 [5]
Wahoo mp3 [4]
Waifs mp3 [5]
Waikiki mp3 [2]
Wailers mp3 [2]
Wailing Souls mp3 [11]
Wailin' Jennys mp3 [2]
Wainwright III, Loudon mp3 [2]
Waite John mp3 [2]
Waiting mp3 [2]
Wakala mp3 [2]
Wake mp3 [2]
Wakeman Rick mp3 [2]
Waking Ashland mp3 [4]
Waking The Cadaver mp3 [4]
Wal Buchenberg mp3 [2]
Waldeck mp3 [9]
Waldemar Malicki mp3 [2]
Waldo's People mp3 [6]
Waldwind mp3 [2]
Wale And 9Th Wonder mp3 [2]
Walfrido Guevara mp3 [2]
Walkabouts mp3 [2]
Walker Diver mp3 [2]
Walkmen mp3 [6]
Walk Right Back mp3 [2]
Walk Through Fire mp3 [2]
Wallace Roney mp3 [2]
Wallace Roney Quintet mp3 [2]
Wallen mp3 [4]
Wallflowers mp3 [8]
Wall Of Sleep mp3 [2]
Wall Of Voodoo mp3 [13]
Wallpaper mp3 [2]
Walls of Jericho mp3 [7]
Wally Badarou mp3 [2]
Wally Lopez mp3 [2]
Waltari mp3 [11]
Walter Beasley mp3 [9]
Walter Becker mp3 [2]
Walter Becker and Donald Fagen mp3 [2]
Walter Becker Donald Fagen mp3 [2]
Walter Bishop Jr mp3 [2]
Walter Christian Rothe mp3 [8]
Walter Elf mp3 [2]
Walter Horton Feat Ronnie Earl mp3 [2]
Walter Jackson mp3 [2]
Walter Trout mp3 [29]
Walter Trout Band mp3 [2]
Walter Trout Power Trio mp3 [2]
Walter Wanderley mp3 [6]
Waltham mp3 [2]
Walton, William mp3 [2]
Waltraud Meier mp3 [6]
Walt Wilkins mp3 [2]
Wamdue Project mp3 [2]
Wanda Jackson mp3 [20]
Wandering Midget mp3 [2]
Wando mp3 [2]
Wang Chung mp3 [9]
Wang Shanti and Hsun Wang mp3 [2]
Wang Wei mp3 [2]
Wang Xu-Dong mp3 [7]
Wappenbund mp3 [8]
Wappenbund and Kriegsfall-U mp3 [2]
Wappenbund and Ophir mp3 [2]
War mp3 [4]
Warblade mp3 [2]
Warbringer mp3 [2]
Warcry mp3 [2]
Ward 21 mp3 [2]
Wardog mp3 [4]
Waren Vache mp3 [2]
War from a Harlots Mouth mp3 [2]
Warhammer mp3 [2]
Warhead mp3 [2]
Warhead and Infernal War mp3 [2]
Warhorse mp3 [5]
Warkult mp3 [2]
Warlock mp3 [6]
Warlocks mp3 [6]
Warloghe mp3 [2]
Warm Dust mp3 [4]
Warmen mp3 [5]
Warm Up mp3 [2]
Warning SF mp3 [2]
War of Ages mp3 [4]
War On Drugs mp3 [2]
Warpath mp3 [2]
Warp Brothers mp3 [2]
Warpipes mp3 [2]
Warp Records mp3 [2]
Warrant mp3 [13]
Warrel Dane mp3 [2]
Warren Barfield mp3 [2]
Warren G. mp3 [8]
Warren Haynes mp3 [6]
Warren Suicide mp3 [2]
Warren Zevon mp3 [28]
Warrior mp3 [5]
Warriors mp3 [5]
Warrior Soul mp3 [6]
Warsaw mp3 [2]
Wars of Ages mp3 [2]
Warszafski Deszcz mp3 [2]
Wartech mp3 [2]
Warwolf mp3 [2]
Warzone mp3 [2]
Wasara mp3 [2]
Washington mp3 [2]
WAS (NOT WAS) mp3 [2]
W.A.S.P. mp3 [29]
Wasp mp3 [2]
Wassabi Collective mp3 [2]
WASTED mp3 [2]
Wasted Youth mp3 [2]
Wasteform mp3 [2]
Wastelander mp3 [2]
Wat mp3 [2]
Watain mp3 [8]
Watanabe Tsuyoshi mp3 [2]
Watcha mp3 [6]
Watcha Clan mp3 [2]
Watch My Dying mp3 [2]
Watchout! There's Ghosts mp3 [2]
Watchtower mp3 [2]
Waterbone mp3 [2]
Waterboys mp3 [29]
Waterclime mp3 [2]
Waterdown mp3 [5]
Watergate mp3 [2]
Waterjuice mp3 [2]
Waterloo mp3 [2]
Waters mp3 [4]
Watershed mp3 [2]
Waters, Muddy mp3 [2]
Watson Twins mp3 [2]
Watts, Andre mp3 [2]
Wave Machines mp3 [2]
Wavemaker mp3 [2]
Waveshape mp3 [7]
Wavestar mp3 [6]
Wave World mp3 [9]
Wavorly mp3 [2]
Wavves mp3 [2]
WaWa and Fabal mp3 [2]
Wawa and Herd feat Amanda Wilson mp3 [2]
Wax mp3 [2]
Waxfang mp3 [6]
Wax Poetic mp3 [2]
Wax Tailor mp3 [5]
Waxwings mp3 [2]
Wayanay Inka mp3 [5]
Wayd mp3 [2]
Waylander mp3 [4]
Waylon Jennings mp3 [33]
Wayman Tisdale mp3 [6]
Wayne mp3 [2]
Wayne And Shuster mp3 [2]
Wayne Brady mp3 [2]
Wayne C mp3 [2]
Wayne Chaulk mp3 [2]
Wayne Dyer mp3 [24]
Wayne Gorbea's Salsa Picante mp3 [2]
Wayne Gratz mp3 [9]
Wayne Hancock mp3 [4]
Wayne Hussey mp3 [2]
Wayne Marshall mp3 [2]
Wayne Shorter mp3 [21]
Wayne Shorter Quartet mp3 [2]
Wayne W. Dyer mp3 [9]
Wayne Williams mp3 [2]
Way Out West mp3 [9]
Wayra mp3 [2]
Waysted mp3 [9]
WC mp3 [2]
W.C. Clark mp3 [2]
Weakerthans mp3 [6]
Weakling mp3 [2]
Weapon mp3 [2]
We Are Legion mp3 [2]
We Are Scientists mp3 [4]
We Are Wolves mp3 [2]
Weather Girls mp3 [2]
Weather Report mp3 [24]
Webber Andrew Lloyd mp3 [2]
Webbie mp3 [2]
Webby Boy mp3 [2]
Weber, Max mp3 [10]
W.E.B. Griffin mp3 [161]
Web Griffin mp3 [29]
Webster Lewis mp3 [2]
Webster Tarpley mp3 [2]
We Butter The Bread With Butter mp3 [2]
We Came As Romans mp3 [2]
Wechsel Garland mp3 [2]
Weckl Dave mp3 [2]
Wedard mp3 [11]
Wedding mp3 [2]
Wedding Present mp3 [20]
Wednesday 13 mp3 [7]
Weedeater mp3 [2]
Weeds In Vogue mp3 [2]
Weekend Nachos mp3 [2]
Weekend Players mp3 [2]
Ween mp3 [16]
Weena Morloch mp3 [2]
Weepies mp3 [2]
Weeping Twilight mp3 [2]
Weeping Willows mp3 [5]
Weezer mp3 [10]
Wehbba mp3 [2]
Wehrmacht mp3 [2]
Weimar Gesang mp3 [2]
Weiner, Tim mp3 [2]
Weinhold mp3 [2]
We Insist ! mp3 [2]
Weird Al Yankovic mp3 [12]
Weissenberg, Alexis mp3 [4]
Weiss, Sylvius Leopold mp3 [9]
Welcome The Plague Year mp3 [2]
Weldon Irvine mp3 [2]
Welladay mp3 [2]
Welle Erdball mp3 [2]
Wellenfeld mp3 [2]
Wellington mp3 [2]
Wellingtons mp3 [2]
Wellness Music mp3 [2]
Wellwater Conspiracy mp3 [2]
Weltenbrand mp3 [7]
WeltenBrand and Liv Kristine mp3 [2]
Weltkrieg mp3 [2]
Wen mp3 [2]
Wenche mp3 [2]
Wendi Friesen mp3 [6]
Wendy Carlos mp3 [10]
Wendy Carlos and Al Yankovic mp3 [2]
Wendy James mp3 [2]
Wendy O. Williams mp3 [2]
Wendy O. Williams and Plasmatics mp3 [2]
Wendy Stewart and Gary West mp3 [2]
Werkraum mp3 [5]
Werner Ehrhardt and Gerald Hambitzer mp3 [2]
Wes Carr mp3 [2]
We Shot The Moon mp3 [2]
Wesley Willis mp3 [4]
Wesley Willis Fiasco mp3 [2]
Wes Madiko mp3 [2]
Wes Mongomery mp3 [2]
Wes Montgomery mp3 [36]
We Speak Texan mp3 [2]
Westbam mp3 [11]
Westbam and The Love Committee mp3 [2]
Westbound Train mp3 [5]
Westernhagen mp3 [2]
West Indian Girl mp3 [2]
Westlife mp3 [16]
Westside Connection mp3 [2]
West Street Mob mp3 [2]
Westworld mp3 [4]
We the Kings mp3 [2]
We The Living mp3 [2]
We The People mp3 [2]
Wetnurse mp3 [2]
Wetton-Downes mp3 [2]
Wet Wet Wet mp3 [11]
Wet Willie mp3 [8]
We vs. Death mp3 [7]
We Were Gentlemen mp3 [2]
We Were Promised Jetpacks mp3 [2]
Whale mp3 [4]
Wham! mp3 [7]
What You Did mp3 [2]
Wheat mp3 [2]
Wheatus mp3 [5]
Whigfield mp3 [9]
While Heavens Wept mp3 [2]
While Heaven Wept mp3 [2]
Whip mp3 [2]
Whiplash mp3 [9]
Whipping Boy mp3 [2]
Whirlpool Productions mp3 [4]
Whirlwind Storm mp3 [2]
Whiskey Daredevils mp3 [2]
Whiskey Falls mp3 [2]
Whiskey Howl mp3 [2]
Whiskeytown mp3 [8]
Whispering Forest mp3 [5]
Whispering Gallery mp3 [2]
Whispers mp3 [4]
Whisteria Cottage mp3 [2]
Whistla mp3 [2]
White mp3 [2]
White Boy mp3 [2]
White Buzz mp3 [2]
Whitechapel mp3 [4]
Whitecross mp3 [7]
White Denim mp3 [4]
White Devil mp3 [2]
White Eisenstein mp3 [2]
White Field mp3 [2]
Whitefield Brothers mp3 [2]
White Heart mp3 [2]
White Hinterland mp3 [2]
Whitehouse mp3 [13]
White Hunter mp3 [2]
Whitelabel mp3 [47]
White Lies mp3 [2]
White Lion mp3 [13]
White Lion and Mike Tramp mp3 [2]
White Noise mp3 [6]
Whiteout mp3 [2]
White Owl mp3 [2]
White Rabbits mp3 [2]
White Rainbow mp3 [2]
White Skull mp3 [9]
Whitesnake mp3 [34]
Whitestarr mp3 [2]
Whitest Boy Alive mp3 [2]
White Stripes mp3 [13]
White Tie Affair mp3 [2]
White Whale mp3 [2]
White Williams mp3 [2]
White Willow mp3 [5]
White Wizzard mp3 [2]
White Zombie mp3 [16]
Whitley mp3 [2]
Whitney Houston mp3 [21]
Who mp3 [46]
Who Made Who mp3 [2]
Whorethorn mp3 [2]
Why? mp3 [6]
Wibutee mp3 [2]
Wickaman & Hoodlum mp3 [2]
Wicked Lester mp3 [2]
Wicked Sensation mp3 [2]
Wicked Wisdom mp3 [2]
Wickerman and Hoodlum mp3 [2]
Wickham-Smith and Youngs mp3 [2]
Wide Awake City mp3 [2]
Wideboys mp3 [2]
Wide Mouth Mason mp3 [6]
Widescreen Mode mp3 [2]
Widespread Panic mp3 [44]
Widowmaker mp3 [2]
Wieder-Atherton, Sonia mp3 [2]
Wiener Philharmoniker mp3 [4]
Wieniawski, Henryk mp3 [2]
Wigan Pier mp3 [6]
Wiggles mp3 [21]
Wighnomy Bros And Robag Wruhme mp3 [2]
Wighnomy Brothers mp3 [5]
Wig Wam mp3 [5]
Wigwam mp3 [12]
Wikkid mp3 [2]
Wilbert Manuel mp3 [2]
Wilbur Smith mp3 [137]
Wilco mp3 [41]
Wild Band Of Snee mp3 [2]
Wild Beasts mp3 [2]
Wildbirds and Peacedrums mp3 [2]
Wild Cherry mp3 [2]
Wildfire mp3 [2]
Wildhearts mp3 [20]
Wild Horses mp3 [2]
Wildildlife mp3 [2]
Wild Light mp3 [2]
Wild Man Fischer mp3 [2]
Wild Motherfuckers mp3 [2]
Wild Planet mp3 [2]
Wild Rooster mp3 [2]
Wild Style mp3 [2]
Wild Swans mp3 [2]
Wild Turkey mp3 [2]
Wiley mp3 [7]
Wilfrido Vargas mp3 [2]
Wilki mp3 [2]
Wilki I Robert Gawlinski mp3 [2]
Will mp3 [2]
Will Ackerman mp3 [4]
Willa Ford mp3 [2]
Willard Grant Conspiracy mp3 [4]
Will Bailey mp3 [2]
Will Bernard mp3 [2]
Will Dailey mp3 [2]
Will Downing mp3 [13]
Will Downing and Gerald Albright mp3 [2]
Will Haven mp3 [4]
Will I Am mp3 [4]
William Ackerman mp3 [11]
William Aura mp3 [8]
William Aura and Friends mp3 [2]
William Basinski mp3 [12]
William Buhlman mp3 [9]
William C. Dietz mp3 [4]
William Christie, Les Arts Florissants mp3 [2]
William Clarke mp3 [4]
William Control mp3 [2]
William Devaughn mp3 [2]
William Doyle mp3 [2]
William Eaton mp3 [8]
William Edge mp3 [2]
William Elliott Whitmore mp3 [2]
William Ellwood mp3 [2]
William Elmore mp3 [19]
William Faulkner mp3 [2]
William Fitzsimmons mp3 [4]
William Gibson mp3 [8]
William Orbit mp3 [20]
William Parker mp3 [14]
William Pierce mp3 [9]
William Ross mp3 [2]
Williams Brothers mp3 [2]
William S. Burroughs mp3 [11]
William S. Burroughs/ Kurt Cobain mp3 [2]
William Shakespeare mp3 [17]
William Shatner mp3 [7]
William Sheller mp3 [11]
Williams, John mp3 [6]
Willie and Lobo mp3 [9]
Willie And The Poor Boys mp3 [2]
Willie Bobo And The Bo-Gents mp3 [2]
Willie Clayton mp3 [2]
Willie Colen mp3 [2]
Willie Colon mp3 [17]
Willie Colon and Hector Lavoe mp3 [2]
Willie Colon Ruben Blades mp3 [2]
Willie Dixon mp3 [9]
Willie Dixon and Memphis Slim mp3 [2]
Willie Dunn mp3 [2]
Willie Hutch mp3 [2]
Willie Morales mp3 [2]
Willie Nelson mp3 [49]
Willie Nelson and Emmylou Harris mp3 [2]
Willie Nelson and Friends mp3 [2]
Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard mp3 [2]
Willie Nelson and Ray Price mp3 [2]
Willie Nelson and Wynton Marsalis mp3 [2]
Willie Nile mp3 [4]
Willie Smith mp3 [2]
Willie The Kid mp3 [2]
Willie Williams mp3 [4]
Will Kelly mp3 [2]
Will Kimbrough mp3 [2]
Will Martin mp3 [2]
Will Miles mp3 [2]
Will Oldham Bonnie Prince Billy mp3 [2]
Willoughby mp3 [2]
Willowglass mp3 [2]
Willowz mp3 [2]
Will Saul mp3 [2]
Will Smith mp3 [7]
Will To Power mp3 [2]
Willy Astor mp3 [11]
Willy Chirino mp3 [8]
Willy Denzey mp3 [4]
Willy DeVille mp3 [4]
Willy Gonzalez mp3 [2]
Willy Mason mp3 [2]
Willy Northpole mp3 [2]
Will Young mp3 [8]
Willy Porter mp3 [2]
Wilmer X mp3 [20]
Wilson, Glen mp3 [2]
Wilson Phillips mp3 [6]
Wilson Pickett mp3 [9]
Wilson Simonal mp3 [5]
Wim Mertens mp3 [49]
Wimple Winch mp3 [2]
Windbreakers mp3 [2]
Windfaerer mp3 [2]
Windham Hill mp3 [64]
Windir mp3 [5]
Wind Machine mp3 [13]
Windmill mp3 [2]
Winds mp3 [2]
Winds of Passion mp3 [2]
Winds Of Plague mp3 [4]
Windsor For The Derby mp3 [6]
Wind Wraith mp3 [2]
Windy And Carl And The Lothars mp3 [2]
Wineethepunk! mp3 [2]
Wine From Tears mp3 [2]
Wine-O mp3 [2]
Winger mp3 [14]
Wingman mp3 [2]
Wings mp3 [9]
(wi-ni) 2.0 mp3 [2]
Win Kowa mp3 [2]
Winne mp3 [2]
Winner mp3 [2]
Wino mp3 [2]
Winston Audio mp3 [2]
Winter mp3 [2]
Winterblut mp3 [2]
Winterborn mp3 [2]
Winter Gloves mp3 [2]
Winterkalte mp3 [4]
Winterlong mp3 [2]
Winter Parade mp3 [2]
Winterpills mp3 [2]
Winters Bane mp3 [2]
Wintersleep mp3 [2]
Winter Solstice mp3 [2]
Wintersun mp3 [2]
Winton Marsalis Quartet mp3 [2]
Wipers mp3 [6]
Wir mp3 [2]
Wire mp3 [9]
Wir Sind Helden mp3 [4]
Wisdom In Chains mp3 [4]
Wiseblood mp3 [2]
Wise Guys mp3 [7]
Wiseguys mp3 [2]
Wise Hand Feat. Nouri mp3 [2]
Wisemen mp3 [2]
Wish mp3 [2]
Wishbone Ash mp3 [48]
Wishing Tree mp3 [2]
Wish Me Luck Mockingbird mp3 [2]
Wisin mp3 [2]
Wisin and Yandel mp3 [15]
Wisin Y Yandel mp3 [2]
Wiszdomstone mp3 [2]
Witch mp3 [2]
Witchcraft mp3 [2]
Witchery mp3 [6]
Witchfinder General mp3 [2]
Witchfynde mp3 [2]
Witchking mp3 [2]
Witchmaster mp3 [2]
With Blood Comes Cleansing mp3 [2]
With Dead Hands Rising mp3 [2]
Withered mp3 [2]
Withered Beauty mp3 [2]
Withering Surface mp3 [5]
With Faith Or Flames mp3 [2]
With Honor mp3 [2]
Within Reason mp3 [2]
Within Tears mp3 [2]
Within Temptation mp3 [22]
Within The Ruins mp3 [2]
Without Face mp3 [2]
With Passion mp3 [2]
With Tom Kenyon mp3 [2]
Witold Lutoslawski mp3 [2]
Wizack Twizack mp3 [2]
Wizard mp3 [6]
Wizard Lizard Vs Highko mp3 [2]
Wiz Khalifa mp3 [4]
Wizo mp3 [4]
Wizzard mp3 [4]
Wizz Jones mp3 [2]
Wizzy Noise mp3 [11]
Wizzy Noise and Nikola Gala mp3 [2]
Wladyslaw Komendarek mp3 [10]
Wlatcy Moch mp3 [2]
W Mitchell mp3 [2]
Wobinidan mp3 [2]
Wodensthrone mp3 [2]
Wodulf mp3 [2]
Woe Of Tyrants mp3 [2]
Woggles mp3 [2]
Wohnout mp3 [2]
Wojciech Kilar mp3 [4]
Wojciech Korda mp3 [2]
Wojciech Mlynarski mp3 [2]
Wojnar mp3 [5]
Wojtek Pilichowski mp3 [2]
Wolf mp3 [2]
Wolf and Cub mp3 [2]
Wolf Biermann mp3 [10]
Wolfbrigade mp3 [8]
Wolfchant mp3 [2]
Wolfenmond mp3 [5]
Wolf Ernst mp3 [2]
Wolfe, Tom mp3 [2]
Wolfe Tones mp3 [27]
Wolf Eyes mp3 [9]
Wolf Eyes and Anthony Braxton mp3 [2]
Wolff Henry and Henning Nancy mp3 [2]
Wolfgang Ambros mp3 [2]
Wolfgang Bock mp3 [5]
Wolfgang Duren mp3 [2]
Wolfgang Gartner mp3 [2]
Wolfgang Niedecken mp3 [2]
Wolfgang Petry mp3 [9]
Wolfgang Press mp3 [2]
Wolfgang Reithofer mp3 [7]
Wolfgang Riechmann mp3 [2]
Wolfgang Voigt mp3 [2]
Wolf Hoffmann mp3 [2]
Wolfmother mp3 [2]
Wolfnacht mp3 [4]
Wolfpack Unleashed mp3 [2]
Wolf Parade mp3 [4]
Wolfram Der Spyra mp3 [8]
Wolfram Spyra mp3 [7]
Wolfram Spyra and Chris Lang mp3 [2]
Wolfsangel mp3 [2]
Wolfsheim mp3 [32]
Wolfs Moon mp3 [2]
Wolf Spider mp3 [2]
Wolfstone mp3 [2]
Wolfthorn mp3 [2]
Wolf Tones mp3 [2]
Wolftron mp3 [2]
Wolok mp3 [2]
Wolter Kroes mp3 [2]
Wolven Ancestry mp3 [2]
Wolverine mp3 [2]
Wolves in the Throne Room mp3 [5]
Wolves Of Hate mp3 [2]
Womack, Bobby mp3 [2]
Wombats mp3 [5]
Women mp3 [2]
Wonder Ft Bad Lucc mp3 [2]
Wonder Girls mp3 [2]
Wonderland Avenue mp3 [2]
Wonder Olka Vs Ceckj mp3 [2]
Wonders mp3 [2]
Wonder Stuff mp3 [17]
Wonderwall mp3 [2]
Wonder Years mp3 [2]
Wong Ching mp3 [2]
Wong Fei-Hung mp3 [2]
Wong Ker-wai mp3 [2]
Wongraven mp3 [2]
Woob mp3 [2]
Wood Brothers mp3 [2]
Wood, Chris and Andy Cutting mp3 [2]
Wooden Wand mp3 [2]
Woodpigeon mp3 [2]
Wood, Roy mp3 [2]
Woods mp3 [2]
Woods Of Belial mp3 [2]
Woods Of Infinity mp3 [2]
Woods Of Ypres mp3 [4]
Woodtemple mp3 [2]
Woody Allen mp3 [6]
Woody Guthrie mp3 [15]
Woody Herman mp3 [8]
Woody McBride mp3 [2]
Woody Shaw mp3 [4]
Woody Whatever mp3 [2]
Woolpackers mp3 [2]
Workbench mp3 [2]
Working For A Nuclear Free City mp3 [4]
Work of Art mp3 [2]
World Of Osho mp3 [11]
World Party mp3 [7]
Worlds Apart mp3 [2]
World Saxophone Quartet mp3 [5]
World's End Girlfriend mp3 [7]
Wormed mp3 [2]
Worm Is Green mp3 [2]
Wormphlegm mp3 [2]
Worship mp3 [2]
Woschek mp3 [2]
Woude mp3 [8]
Wouilo mp3 [2]
Wounded mp3 [4]
Wouter Hamel mp3 [2]
Woven Hand mp3 [6]
Wovenhand mp3 [2]
Wranitzky mp3 [4]
Wrathchild America mp3 [2]
Wrath Of The Weak mp3 [2]
Wraygunn mp3 [5]
Wreak Havoc! mp3 [2]
Wreckers mp3 [2]
Wreckless Eric mp3 [2]
Wrens mp3 [4]
Wretch 32 mp3 [2]
Wretched mp3 [2]
Wrongbay mp3 [2]
Wulgata mp3 [2]
Wumpscut mp3 [78]
Wumpscut and Haujobb mp3 [2]
Wumpscut VS Haujobb mp3 [2]
Wunderlich, Fritz mp3 [10]
Wunderlich, Klaus mp3 [2]
Wunjo mp3 [2]
Wurdalak mp3 [2]
Wurdulak mp3 [2]
Wustman John mp3 [2]
Wu-Tang Clan mp3 [53]
Wu-Tang Killa Bees mp3 [2]
Wu-Tang Killa Beez mp3 [2]
Wu-Tang Killa Beezl mp3 [2]
Wu Tang South mp3 [2]
Wuthering Heights mp3 [5]
Wyclef Jean mp3 [9]
Wykked Wytch mp3 [4]
Wyld Money mp3 [2]
Wynardtage mp3 [2]
Wynonna mp3 [2]
Wynonna Judd mp3 [4]
Wynton Kelly mp3 [9]
Wynton Marsalis mp3 [26]
Wynton Marsalis; Mr.Jelly Lord mp3 [2]
Wynton Marsalis Seotet mp3 [2]
Wyrd mp3 [9]

Artist: Eminem
Song: Cold Wind Blows

Cause some things just, don't change
It's better when they stay the same
Although the whole world, knows your name
So on a, bigger stage they came to see you spit your game
Whoa-ooo so it shouldn't be difficult, to explain
Just why you come back again
You hate the fame, love the game
Cold as ice, you remain
Fuck 'em all, tell 'em all eat shit here we go again

[Eminem - Verse 1]
You can get the dick, just call me the ball sac I'm nuts
Michael Vick in this bitch, dog, fall back you mutts
Fuck your worms, you've never seen such a sick puppy
Fuck it a sick duck, I want my duck-sicked mommy
And my nuts licked, gobble 'em up trick, yummy
Bitch you don't fuckin' think I know that you suck dick, dummy?
You'll get your butt kicked, fuck all that love shit honey
Yeah, I laugh when I call you a slut, it's funny
Shorty dance while I diss you to the beat, fuck the words
You don't listen to 'em anyway, yeah struck a nerve
Sucka, motherfucka' might as well let my lips pucker
Like Elton John, cause I'm just a mean cock-sucker
This shit is on cause you went and pissed me off, now I'm shittin' and pissin' on
Everybody give a fuck, if it's right or wrong
So fuck the Buddah light a bong
But take a look at Mariah, next time I inspire you to write a song

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
I'm as cold as the cold wind, blows when it snows and it's twenty-below
Ask me why man, I just don't know know know know know know
I'm as cold as the cold wind, blow blo blo blow blow blow blows
Oh oh oh oh

[Eminem - Verse 2]
Fuck it I'ma loose cannon
Bruce Banner's back in the booth, ya'll are sittin' ducks, I'm the only goose standin'
I'll set the world on fire, piss on it put it out
Stick my dick in a circle, but I'm not fuckin' a-round
Mo'fucker I'll show you pussy footin'
I'll kick a bitch in the cunt, 'til it makes a queef and sounds like a fuckin' whoopee cushion
Who the fuck is you pushin', you must have mistook me for some
Sissy soft punk lookin' for some nookie or bosom
Go ahead fuckin' hater, push me I told you ain't no way to fuckin' shush me
Call me a faggot cause I hate a pussy
Man the fuck up sissy G's, up all your gardeners freeze up
Put your hoes down "Shady ease up
Man chill" naw, I can't goddamn it rap is a landfill
Drop the anvil, these are shoes that you can't fill
Shit the day taht happens the world will stop spinnin' Michael J. Fox'll come to a stand still
Durin' a earthquake, urine in your face 'cause yer fake
Ow! What the fuck that hurt wait
Ow! What the fuck I just got struck
By lightnin', alright then I quit. God I give up
Call it evil that men do, Lord forgive me for what my pen do
"This is for your sin's, I cleanse you
You can repent but I warn you- if you continue
To hell I'll send you," and just then the wind blew
And I said...

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
I'm as cold as the cold wind, when it snows and it's twenty-below
Ask me why man, I just don't know know know know know know
I'm as cold as the cold wind, blow blo blo blow blow blow blows
Oh oh oh oh

[Eminem - Verse 3]
How long will I be this way?
Shady until my dyin' day, 'til I hang up the mic and it's time for me to say
So long 'til then I'll drop the fuckin' bombs
Like I missed the pass when I went long
It you don't like it you can kiss my ass in a lint thong, now sing-along
Slut this slut that, learn the words to the song
Oh, bitches don't like that homie, I'll be nicer to women
When Aquaman drowns and the Human Torch starts swimmin'
Man I'm a cold soul, I roll solo so don't compare
Me to these other bums over there
It's like apples to oranges, peaches to plums yeah
I'm bananas pussy, cut off the grapes and grow a pair
But I swear you try to diss me I'll slaughter you
I put that on everything, like everyone does with Auto-Tune
The last thing you wanna do
Is have me spit out a rhyme, and say I was writin' this and I thought of you

I don't know, I don't know, what caused
I don't know what caused me to be this way
I don't know, I don't know but I'll, probably be this way 'til my dyin' day
I don't know why I'm so, I'm so cold mean thangs I don't mean to say
I guess this is how you made me.

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